Observation of $J/\psi p$ Resonances Consistent with Pentaquark States in $\Lambda_b^0 \to J/\psi K^- p$ Decays

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Observations of exotic structures in the J/ψp channel, that we refer to as pentaquark-charmonium states, in Λ0b→J/ψK−p decays are presented. The data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 3/fb acquired with the LHCb detector from 7 and 8 TeV pp collisions. An amplitude analysis is performed on the three-body final-state that reproduces the two-body mass and angular distributions. To obtain a satisfactory fit of the structures seen in the J/ψp mass spectrum, it is necessary to… 

Resonances and CP violation in Bs0 and B¯s0→J/ψK+K−$$ {\overline{B}}_s^0\to J/\psi {K}^{+}{K}^{-} $$ decays in the mass region above the ϕ(1020)

A bstractThe decays of Bs0 and B¯s0$$ {\overline{B}}_s^0 $$ mesons into the J/ψK+K− final state are studied in the K+K− mass region above the ϕ(1020) meson in order to determine the resonant

Nucleon- J/ψ and nucleon- ηc scattering in Pc pentaquark channels from lattice QCD

The lattice QCD simulation of $NJ/\psi$ and $N\eta_c$ scattering is performed at $m_\pi\simeq 266~$MeV in channels with all possible $J^P$. This includes $J^P=3/2^\pm$ and $5/2^\pm$ where LHCb

Pentaquarks and resonances in the $pJ/\psi$ spectrum

We consider exotic baryons with hidden charm as antiquark-diquark-diquark composite systems. Spin and isospin structure of such exotic states is given and masses are estimated. The data for

Observation of pentaquark resonances in Λb → J/ψK−p decays

LHCb has recently reported the observation of exotic structures in the J /ψp channel, in Λb → J /ψ K − p decay, which we discuss here and refer to as charmoniumpentaquarkstates. The data sample

Isospin amplitudes in $\Lambda_b^0\to J/\psi \Lambda(\Sigma^0)$ and $\Xi_b^0\to J/\psi \Xi^0(\Lambda)$ decays

Ratios of isospin amplitudes in hadron decays are a useful probe of the interplay between weak and strong interactions and allow searches for physics beyond the standard model. We present the first

Hidden-charm pentaquark formation in antiproton-deuterium collisions

The possibility of observing formation of hidden-charm pentaquarks as $s$-channel resonances in antiproton - deuteron collisions is discussed. It is pointed out that the masses of the reported by

Pentaquarks and Tetraquarks at LHCb

Exotic resonant structures found in $\Lambda^0_b$ and $\overline{B}^0$ decays into charmonium in the LHCb experiment are discussed. Examination of the $J/\psi p$ system in $\Lambda^0_b\to J/\psi K^-

A hidden-charm S=-1 pentaquark from the decay of Λb into J/ψηΛ states

This work argues that a hidden-charm strange pentaquark could be seen from the decay of the Λb, just as in the case of the nonstrange Pc(4450), but looking into the J/ ψηΛ decay mode and forming the invariant mass spectrum of J/ψΛ pairs.



Observation of J/ψp Resonances Consistent with Pentaquark States in Λ_{b}^{0}→J/ψK^{-}p Decays.

To obtain a satisfactory fit of the structures seen in the J/ψp mass spectrum, it is necessary to include two Breit-Wigner amplitudes that each describe a resonant state.

Precision measurement of the $\Lambda_{b}^0$ baryon lifetime

The ratio of the \Lambda b baryon lifetime to that of the B0 meson is measured using 1.0/fb of integrated luminosity in 7 TeV center-of-mass energy pp collisions at the LHC. The \Lambda b baryon is

Predictions for theb → J/ψ ( 1405) decay

We calculate the shape of the π� and ¯ KN invari- ant mass distributions in theb → J/ψ π � andb → J/ψ ¯ KN decays that are dominated by the �( 1405) reso- nance. The weak interaction part is the same

Evidence for a Narrow Near-Threshold Structure in the J/ψφ Mass Spectrum in B + → J/ψφK + Decays

Evidence is reported for a narrow structure near the J/ψφ threshold in exclusive B + → J/ψφK + decays produced in pp collisions at √s = 1.96 TeV. A signal of 14 ± 5 events, with statistical

Some predictions of diquark model for hidden charm pentaquark discovered at the LHCb

A bstractThe LHCb has discovered two new states with preferred JP quantum numbers 3/2− and 5/2+ from Λb decays. These new states can be interpreted as hidden charm pentaquarks. It has been argued

Multiquark Hadrons

A number of candidate multiquark hadrons, i.e., particle resonances with substructures that are more complex than the quark-antiquark mesons and three-quark baryons that are prescribed in the

Evidence for a narrow S = +1 baryon resonance in photoproduction from the neutron.

The gamman-->K(+)K(-)n reaction on 12C has been studied by measuring both K+ and K- at forward angles and a sharp baryon resonance peak was observed, consistent with an antidecuplet of baryons predicted by the chiral soliton model.

Precision measurement of CP violation in B(S)(0)→J/ΨK+K- decays.

For the first time, the phase ϕs is measured independently for each polarization state of the K+K- system and shows no evidence for polarization dependence.

How to reveal the exotic nature of the P c (4450)

The LHCb Collaboration announced two pentaquark-like structures in the J/ψp invariant mass distribution. We show that the current information on the narrow structure at 4.45 GeV is compatible with

Precision measurement of the ratio of the Λb0 to B¯0 lifetimes