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Observation de la construction d'un nid chez Taylorana hascheana (Anura : Ranidae)

  title={Observation de la construction d'un nid chez Taylorana hascheana (Anura : Ranidae)},
  author={Andreas Ohler and St{\'e}phane Grosjean and Jorge Meneses Hoyos},
Nidicolous development in Limnonectes limborgi (Anura, Dicroglossidae)
It is reported that the Southeast Asian frog Limnonectes limborgi has nidicolous development (= eggs oviposited terrestrially and larvae are free-living but nonfeeding) from large, nonpigmented eggs laid in a terrestrial nest constructed by the male.
Systematics of Limnonectes (Taylorana) Dubois
It is shown that these two nominal species differ in size, development of odontoids in adult males, in extent of webbing, and mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequence data.
Evolution of reproduction in the Rhacophoridae (Amphibia, Anura)
The data point to the existence of a clade, including the genera Rhacophorus, Polypedates, Chiromantis and Chirixalus, which confirms the results of Wilkinson et al. (2002) and suggests that the ability to produce foam nests has emerged only once in theRhacophoridae.
Molecular phylogenetic relationships of Lankanectes corrugatus from Sri Lanka: endemism of South Asian frogs and the concept of monophyly in phylogenetic studies
The data allow to significantly exclude a relationship of the Sri Lanka species to South-East Asian Limnonectes; instead, it seems clustered with species of Rana and Nyctibatrachus, which supports the previous recognition of the monotypic genus Lankanectes for L. corrugatus.