Observation and execution of movement: similarities demonstrated by quantified electroencephalography

  title={Observation and execution of movement: similarities demonstrated by quantified electroencephalography},
  author={S. Cochin and C. Barth{\'e}l{\'e}my and S. Roux and J. Martineau},
  journal={European Journal of Neuroscience},
Quantified electroencephalography (qEEG) was used to compare cerebral electrical variations while human subjects (10 males and 10 females) were observing and executing finger movements and while they were resting. Video recording enabled elimination of subjects performing involuntary movements. EEGs were recorded from 14 sites in seven frequency bands: theta 1, theta 2, alpha 1, alpha, beta 1, beta 2 and beta 3. Analyses were performed on logarithmically transformed absolute spectral power… Expand
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