Observation and analysis of single DNA nano-kinetics by pin-fiber video scope.

  title={Observation and analysis of single DNA nano-kinetics by pin-fiber video scope.},
  author={Y. Hirakawa and M. Suzuto and H. Ohnishi and T. Shingaki and E. M. Eyring and M. Tokunaga and T. Masujima},
  journal={The Analyst},
  volume={128 6},
The nano-kinetic movement of a single DNA molecule was observed and analyzed by a newly developed video-microscope system with an optical fiber, called a pin-fiber video scope. A single lambda-DNA molecule was put in focus using fiber-illumination, and the stretching and shrinking motion was measured. The molecule's kinetics were analyzed by numerical calculations and are discussed. A photocleavage phenomenon of DNA molecules was also visualized by the pin-fiber video scope. The new video… Expand
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