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Observaciones sobre la biología de Brevipalpus Lewisi (McGregor) en viñedos de la Comarca de Guareña (Badajoz), 1984-1986

  title={Observaciones sobre la biolog{\'i}a de Brevipalpus Lewisi (McGregor) en vi{\~n}edos de la Comarca de Guare{\~n}a (Badajoz), 1984-1986},
  author={J. N. Calder{\'o}n and Jenny Rodr{\'i}guez and A. A. Giralda and R. Santiago},
RODRIGUEZ, J. A., ARIAS, A., SANTIAGO, R. y NIETO, J. 1987: Observaciones sobre la biologia de Brevipalpus lewisi (McGregor) en vinedos de la comarca de Guarena (Badajoz), 1984-1986. Bol. San. Veg. Plagas, 13(3): 249-259. agy of the false spider mite Brevipalpus lewisi McGregor on vineyards 1 laboratory are studied. The observations were taken weekly during The biolo£ on fields and three years in the Guarena district. Most of the mite spent the winter tebween the barks crevices and begin to… Expand

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