Objective verification of Assamese consonants


The aim of the study is to experimentally verify the characteristics of Assamese consonants. All the previous work has been done subjectively. This study is the first attempt to objectively verify the characteristics of Assamese consonants. There are eight vowels, two semivowels and twenty one consonants in standard colloquial Assamese. Semivowels are… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/ICSDA.2015.7357879


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@article{Basu2015ObjectiveVO, title={Objective verification of Assamese consonants}, author={Tulika Basu and Arup Saha and Somnath Chandra}, journal={2015 International Conference Oriental COCOSDA held jointly with 2015 Conference on Asian Spoken Language Research and Evaluation (O-COCOSDA/CASLRE)}, year={2015}, pages={133-138} }