Object-oriented Modeling of Parallel PDE Solvers

  title={Object-oriented Modeling of Parallel PDE Solvers},
  author={Michael Thun{\'e} and Krister {\AA}hlander and Malin Ljungberg and Markus Nord{\'e}n and Kurt Otto and Jarmo Rantakokko},
  booktitle={The Architecture of Scientific Software},
This is a status report of a long-term research eeort focusing on object-oriented modeling of parallel PDE solvers, based on nite diierence methods on composite, structured grids. Two previous results of this eeort are reviewed, the class libraries Cogito and Compose. Cogito is implemented in Fortran 90, with MPI for the message passing, and provides abstract data types for parallel composite-grid methods. Compose is in C++ and allows for fully object-oriented construction of PDE solvers by… CONTINUE READING