Object and Objectivity in Divination

  title={Object and Objectivity in Divination},
  author={S{\'o}nia Silva},
  journal={Material Religion},
  pages={507 - 509}
skidmore college , saratoga springs , ny please provide details of the department you are in. Crystal gazing, palm reading, astrology, the oracle of Delphi, dream interpretation, casting lots, piromancy, Ouija boards, birds in flight, poison oracle, bibliomancy. The sheer variety of divination methods, past and present, is staggering. No less intriguing is the recurrence of the same patterns in different methods, a topic of great interest to scholars of divination since antiquity. Referring to… Expand
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Temps, prédiction et avenir dans la divination rétrospective : une étude de cas en Zambie
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