Object-Level Priors for Stixel Generation

  title={Object-Level Priors for Stixel Generation},
  author={Marius Cordts and L. Schneider and M. Enzweiler and Uwe Franke and S. Roth},
  • Marius Cordts, L. Schneider, +2 authors S. Roth
  • Published in GCPR 2014
  • Computer Science
  • This paper presents a stereo vision-based scene model for traffic scenarios. [...] Key Method We present a principled way to additionally integrate top-down prior information about object location and shape that arises from independent system modules, ranging from geometric cues up to highly confident object detections. This results in an efficient exploration of orthogonal image-based cues, such as disparity and gray-level intensity data, combined in a consistent scene representation. The overall segmentation…Expand Abstract
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