Object Lessons

  title={Object Lessons},
  author={Robyn Wiegman},
Transnational Childhoods
The Many Destinations of Transnational Feminism
One / The US Sex Wars Meet the Ethnic Wars
  • Sociology
    The Work of Rape
  • 2021
Invasion Love Plots and Antiblack Acoustics
  • Physics
    The Ruse of Repair
  • 2021
Solidarity as Settler Absolution
  • The Ruse of Repair
  • 2021
Veteran Diversity, Veteran Asynchrony
  • The Ruse of Repair
  • 2021
Black Maternal Aesthetics
  • J. Nash
  • Art
    Birthing Black Mothers
  • 2021
Abstract:What does it mean that in a moment when black motherhood is incessantly sutured to grief, to anticipated death, and to mourning, that Serena Williams and Beyoncé Knowles proffer a very
Freedom to Want
Wanting More
This essay interrogates the forms of feminist political desire and subject formation being reproduced under the heading of contemporary feminist art. The author considers two recent exhibitions,