Obituary: Ugo Fano (1912–2001)

  title={Obituary: Ugo Fano (1912–2001)},
  author={CHARLES W. Clark},
  • C. Clark
  • Published 1 March 2001
  • Physics
  • Nature
Outstanding interpreter of how radiation interacts with atoms and cells. 
Fano resonance in nanoscale structures
Nowadays nanotechnology allows to scale-down various important devices (sensors, chips, fibres, etc), and, thus, opens up new horizon for their applications. Nevertheless, the efficiency most of them
Fano resonances in nanoscale structures
Modern nanotechnology allows one to scale down various important devices (sensors, chips, fibers, etc.) and thus opens up new horizons for their applications. The efficiency of most of them is based
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy shows that monomeric polyglutamine molecules form collapsed structures in aqueous solutions
It is concluded that water is a polymeric poor solvent for polyglutamine due to the scaling of translational diffusion times for the peptide series (Gly)-(Gln)N-Cys-Lys2 in aqueous solution.
Fano Resonance Generation and Applications in 3D Folding Metamaterials
The development of nanotechnology has endowed the light-matter interaction with more degrees of freedom, and made the manipulation of optical phenomena more precise and arbitrary. Fano resonance is a
Étude de dynamiques de photoionisation résonante à l'aide d'impulsions attosecondes
Cette these s’interesse a la photo-ionisation de systemes atomiques et moleculaires en phase gazeuse a l’aide d’harmoniques d’ordre eleve, un rayonnement coherent dans le domaine de l’extreme