Obituary: Neil Bartlett (1932–2008)

  title={Obituary: Neil Bartlett (1932–2008)},
  author={Karl O. Christe},
  • K. Christe
  • Published 1 September 2008
  • Philosophy, Medicine, Art
  • Nature
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Edelgase: Elemente der achten Hauptgruppe
Edelgase: Elemente der achten Hauptgruppe
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Bartlett's discovery of noble gas fluorides, a milestone in chemical history.
The fact that Neil Bartlett's proposed reaction product "Xe(+)[PtF6](-)" has eluded experimental detection for more than 50 years and actually was a mixture of XeF(+) and Xe2F3(+) salts does not diminish the enormous impact of his discovery.
Halogens and noble gases
This chapter reviews the literature reported during 2007 concerning the elemental halogens and noble gases as well as compounds containing these elements in their positive oxidation states.