Obituary: Francis Crick (1916–2004)

  title={Obituary: Francis Crick (1916–2004)},
  author={Alexander Rich and Charles F. Stevens},
Alexander Rich and Charles F. Stevens, respectively an early collaborator of Crick's and a long-standing colleague at the Salk Institute, describe the life and work of one of the great thinkers of twentieth-century biology. 
Francis Crick's Legacy for Neuroscience: Between the α and the Ω
The legacy of Francis Crick is explored by two scientists who were influenced by his work
The claustrum: a historical review of its anatomy, physiology, cytochemistry and functional significance.
A review of the world literature through 1986 prior to the advent of the "molecular revolution" is presented, finding that this once obscure brain structure, may serve as a model system for the study of one of the most interesting and complex brain functions-consciousness.