Obituary: Ernst Mayr (1904–2005)

  title={Obituary: Ernst Mayr (1904–2005)},
  author={Jared M. Diamond},
700 NATURE | VOL 433 | 17 FEBRUARY 2005 | One Sunday in 1953, my father, a physician and haematologist at Harvard University, invited a newly recruited colleague to lunch at our house. Dad had just launched a study of possible associations between human blood groups and diseases with him. At that time, scientists widely assumed that blood groups were ‘selectively neutral’ — that is, that they had no effect on human survival. Our guest was an evolutionary biologist who… 

Ernst Mayr

Ernst Mayr was one of the principal architects of 20th century evolutionary biology and his principal contribution was the elaboration of the idea of allopatric speciation, the idea that geographic isolation leads to reproductive isolation leading ultimately to new species.

The species paradigm in bacteriology: proposal for a cross-disciplinary species concept

It is argued that so far, prokaryotic taxonomy had no philosophical concept or theoretical framework, and a new, cross-disciplinary species concept is proposed that accommodates both the nature of bacteria and the nature and needs of man and incorporates bacterial evolution, biodiversity, population genetics and bioinformatics.

Dual Causality and the Autonomy of Biology

  • W. Bock
  • Biology, Philosophy
    Acta biotheoretica
  • 2017
Ernst Mayr’s concept of dual causality in biology with the two forms of causes (proximate and ultimate) continues to provide an essential foundation for the philosophy of biology. They are equivalent

Mayr, Ernst