Obesity resistance and multiple mechanisms of triglyceride synthesis in mice lacking Dgat

  title={Obesity resistance and multiple mechanisms of triglyceride synthesis in mice lacking Dgat},
  author={S. J. Smith and S. Cases and D. R. Jensen and H. C. Chen and E. Sande and B. Tow and D. A. Sanan and J. Raber and R. Eckel and Robert V Farese},
  journal={Nature Genetics},
  • S. J. Smith, S. Cases, +7 authors Robert V Farese
  • Published 2000
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Genetics
  • Triglycerides (or triacylglycerols) represent the major form of stored energy in eukaryotes. Triglyceride synthesis has been assumed to occur primarily through acyl CoA:diacylglycerol transferase (Dgat), a microsomal enzyme that catalyses the final and only committed step in the glycerol phosphate pathway. Therefore, Dgat has been considered necessary for adipose tissue formation and essential for survival. Here we show that Dgat-deficient (Dgat−/−) mice are viable and can still synthesize… CONTINUE READING
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