Obesity in the pediatric headache population: a multicenter study.

  title={Obesity in the pediatric headache population: a multicenter study.},
  author={Andrew D Hershey and Scott W. Powers and Timothy D. Nelson and Marielle A. Kabbouche and Paul K Winner and Marcy E Yonker and Steven L. Linder and Alma R Bicknese and Michael K Sowel and William McClintock},
  volume={49 2},
OBJECTIVE To examine the prevalence of obesity, the relationship between weight compared with headache frequency and disability, and effect of weight change on headache outcomes within a pediatric headache population. BACKGROUND Headache and obesity are both common conditions in children and adults. Research in adults has suggested a relationship between the 2 conditions. This relationship has not yet been explored within a pediatric population. The effect of obesity and weight change on… CONTINUE READING