[Obesity as a risk factor for the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus].


Today overweight is the biggest public health problem in the world. According to statistical data, its occurrence is the most frequent among the English 53%, than German 51%, USA 48%, Italian and Spanish 40%, in French 38%, Swedish 30% and Russian 34%. According to available data 0.3% of the BiH population is overweight. Overweight can be related to collection of fat depos--obesity, or enlarged muscle mass--muscle hypertrophy. Criteria for evaluating of overweight are BMI (Body Mass Index). Obesity is the remarkable risk factor for the human health and it performs the background for many diseases--cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus, respiratory diseases, malignant diseases of gastrointestinal tract, joint-bone system diseases etc. For the regulation of optimal body weight, energy balance between input of energy by the food and its consumption is needed.

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