Obesity and physical activity in children of immigrants.

  title={Obesity and physical activity in children of immigrants.},
  author={Emanuela Gualdi-Russo and Luciana Zaccagni and Vanessa Samantha Manzon and Sabrina Masotti and Natascia Rinaldo and Meriem Khyatti},
  journal={European journal of public health},
  volume={24 Suppl 1},
Childhood overweight and obesity have increased in recent decades, reaching alarming proportions. Children with a migrant background seem to be particularly at risk of developing overweight and obesity. This article provides an overview of the prevalence of overweight or obesity among North African (NA) children living in their own countries or as immigrants in Europe. The aim is to show the effect of the migration process on this trend and to discuss its possible contributing factors… CONTINUE READING
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