Obesity: a risk factor in the burn patient.

  title={Obesity: a risk factor in the burn patient.},
  author={Gary F. Purdue and John Hunt and Elke Lang},
  journal={The Journal of burn care & rehabilitation},
  volume={11 1},
Obesity is seldom recognized as a risk factor for the patient with burns. However, the overweight patient with burns presents major problems for the burn team, especially in the areas of wound care, pulmonary care, and general nursing care. One-hundred eighty adults (9.1% weighed more than 45 kg above ideal body weight or more than 100 kg in total weight. Mean weight was 110 kg, with 155 patients heavier than 100 kg. Mean age was 38 years with a mean burn size of 26% (11% full-thickness). The… CONTINUE READING

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