ORL: an object retrieval language interface to an object algebra

  title={ORL: an object retrieval language interface to an object algebra},
  author={Susan Darling Urban and Chiung-hsun Chen Lai and Sanjay Saxena},
  journal={[1992] Proceedings. The Sixteenth Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference},
  • S. Urban, C. Lai, S. Saxena
  • Published 21 September 1992
  • Computer Science
  • [1992] Proceedings. The Sixteenth Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference
The authors present the design of ORL, an object retrieval language interface to the EQUAL object algebra. ORL has an extended SQL syntax and is implemented on top of the ONTOS object-oriented database system. The complete system provides an interactive query facility as an alternative to the programatic OSQL interface provided by ONTOS. In general, ORL provides a more concise, user-friendly approach to the expression of queries over objects than the object algebra on which it is based. The… 
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