ORION: Orientation estimation using commodity Wi-Fi

  title={ORION: Orientation estimation using commodity Wi-Fi},
  author={M. N. Mahfoudi and Thierry Turletti and Thierry Parmentelat and Fabien Ferrero and Leonardo Lizzi and Robert Staraj and Walid Dabbous},
  journal={2017 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC Workshops)},
With MIMO, Wi-Fi led the way to the adoption of antenna array signal processing techniques for fine-grained localization using commodity hardware. These techniques, previously exclusive to specific domains of applications, will spur interest to reach beyond localization, and now allow to consider estimating the device's orientation in space, that once required other sources of information. Wi-Fi's popularity and the availability of metrics related to channel propagation (CSI), makes it a… CONTINUE READING


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