OR for better management of sustainable development


At the occasion of EURO XXI 2006 in Iceland (http:// www.euro2006.org/), the European Journal of Operational Research together with the Programme Committee of EURO XXI 2006, consisting of Tuula Kinnunen (Chair), Raymond Bisdorff, Jean-Pierre Brans, Ulrike LeopoldWildburger, Snjolfur Olafsson, Maurice Shutler, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Marino Widmer and Martin Zachariasen, decided to prepare and publish this feature cluster on OR for Better Management of Sustainable Developement, which was also the special conference theme of EURO XXI 2006. One of the central concerns on Earth and among people is how to ensure development both quantitatively and qualitatively. Sustainable development looks for a continuous improvement of the living and working conditions, providing valuable food and a healthy environment, good education and chances for everyone to master life and to enable them to contribute to the happiness of others. Via its conference theme, EURO XXI 2006 aimed to showcase how OR can improve the management of this important topic that touches everyone in the world. For decades, Icelanders have had a special experience in the energy sector. A number of semi-plenary speakers developed our theme in depth, and many streams were directly related to it. Development needed and the special contribution made by OR, our Science of Better, became acknowledged by the approval of a new EURO Working Group ‘‘OR for Development” founded during EURO XXI 2006. This feature cluster demonstrates the state-of-the-art, challenges and ways for improving the management of sustainable development, to invite to future research and collaboration among the countries of EURO and across the world. To ensure high-quality paper submission, practitioners and researchers of OR related to the development theme were welcome to contribute. Their papers are hosted in this issue. Contributions of a more theoretical nature were also welcome, provided their contribution to the special theme was demonstrated. The feature cluster includes twelve papers. Each of them is based on a presentation delivered at EURO XXI 2006. These twelve papers were selected from about 40 papers,

DOI: 10.1016/j.ejor.2007.10.025

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