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OPTIMADE: an API for exchanging materials data

  title={OPTIMADE: an API for exchanging materials data},
  author={C. W. Andersen and R. Armiento and Evgeny Blokhin and G. Conduit and S. Dwaraknath and Matthew L. Evans and '. Fekete and Abhijith M Gopakumar and Saulius Gravzulis and Andrius Merkys and Fawzi Mohamed and C. Oses and G. Pizzi and G. Rignanese and M. Scheidgen and Leopold Talirz and C. Toher and Donny Winston and R. Aversa and K. Choudhary and Pauline Colinet and S. Curtarolo and D. Stefano and C. Draxl and S. Er and M. Esters and M. Fornari and M. Giantomassi and M. Govoni and G. Hautier and V. Hegde and Matthew K. Horton and P. Huck and G. Huhs and J. Hummelsh{\o}j and A. Kariryaa and B. Kozinsky and Snehal Kumbhar and Mohan Liu and N. Marzari and A. J. Morris and A. Mostofi and K. Persson and G. Petretto and Thomas A R Purcell and F. Ricci and F. Rose and M. Scheffler and Daniel Speckhard and M. Uhrin and A. Vaitkus and P. Villars and D. Waroquiers and C. Wolverton and M. Wu and Xiaoyu Yang},
The Open Databases Integration for Materials Design (OPTIMADE) consortium has designed a universal application programming interface (API) to make materials databases accessible and interoperable. We outline the first stable release of the specification, v1.0, which is already supported by many leading databases and several software packages. We illustrate the advantages of the OPTIMADE API through worked examples on each of the public materials databases that support the full API specification… Expand

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