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  author={R. Ryan Vallance and S. Kiani and Samir A. Nayfeh}
In this paper, we discuss open design of manufacturing equipment as an approach to the design, test, and continuous improvement of modular and reconfigurable manufacturing equipment. Open design fosters collaborative efforts by providing a framework for freely sharing information such as design documentation and performance data. This paper presents the principles of open design by introducing the Open Design Definition, outlining the requirements for license agreements, and illustrating the… 

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Open Design and the Reprap Project
This paper details the investigation of an emerging trend within technology development: ‘open design’, an approach to technology development in which technical design information is licensed in such a manner that it can be accessed, utilised, modified and redistributed by anyone.
Open Design: Contributions, Solutions, Processes and Projects
In this paper, the authors highlight various aspects of open and collaborative design and argue for the use of new terms that address what is open and when.
Open design: a systematic mapping
Data obtained from the mapping suggest Open Design is at a conceptual and exploratory stage where investigations are mostly conceptual and propositions of technical solutions are rare.
From 0 to 20: An evolutionary analysis of Open Design and Open Manufacturing
An analysis of the evolution of Open Design and Open Manufacturing from 2000 to 2020 is presented, taking into account real experiences in these fields in order to track the most relevant developments.
Open design and knowledge integration in semiotic manufacturing integration
  • Paulo Garrido
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    Int. J. Comput. Integr. Manuf.
  • 2010
A framework for analysis based on the idea of distinguishing syntactical knowledge from semantic and pragmatic knowledge is proposed, as a conceptual tool to assess the issues involved in semiotic manufacturing integration.
On the Open Design of Tangible Goods
The analysis of the workings of open design reveals that open design is already being implemented in a substantial variety of projects with different organisational and institutional structures.
Framing Open Design through Theoretical Concepts and Practical Applications: A Systematic Literature Review
A systematic literature review on ‘open design’ in academic fields including and beyond design and HCI indicates that companies do not appear to develop much beyond business-as-usual, and issues around open design community governance and ownership, safety and reliability of open outcomes require further investigation.
From open source in the digital to the physical world: a smooth transfer?
Many of the challenges identified theoretically are actually encountered in practice when dealing with open source projects in the physical realm, so hardware design activities can be translated into software development tasks, using programmable hardware.
The Transposable Limits of Open Design for Sustainable Development
In this study, we defined a set of parameters to evaluate openness, social inclusiveness, economic viability and environmental responsibility in Open Design (OD) Projects. We compared the parameters
Three layers of openness in design: Examining the open paradigm in design research
This article examines the open paradigm in design research and introduces a new conceptualization for ‘open design’ and a three-layer framework to demonstrate the degrees of openness in design


Design of a Precision Electro Discharge Micro Milling Machine
This paper presents the design of a precision electro discharge micro milling machine being designed and built in the Precision Systems Laboratory at the University of Kentucky. This machine will use
State of the Art of Micromachining
Abstract Miniaturization is proceeding in various types of industrial products. Micromachining is the foundation of the technology to realize such miniaturized products. In this paper, the author
Wire Electro-Discharge Grinding for Micro-Machining
Summary A new method, WEDG (wire electro-discharge grinding), for EDM'ing very thin rods is proposed. Travelling wire is used as the tool electrode. However, the wire guide and the machining setup
Nanotechnology: International Developments and Emerging Products
Abstract Nanotechnology is becoming vitally important in many industrial fields, offering significant wealth creating opportunities and massive improvements to standards of living. This paper
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
From the Publisher: Now in Open Sources, for the first time leaders of Open Source come together to discuss the new vision of the software industry they have created, through essays that explain how
Passive Vibration Control
The Response of Structures to Harmonic Forces. Receptance and Dynamic Stiffness. The Response of Structures to Prescribed Harmonic Motions. The Response of Structures to Non-Harmonic Excitation.
3D micro-EDM with simple shape electrode Part1: Machining of cavities with sharp corners and electrode wear compensation
  • Zuyuan Yu, T. Masuzawa, M. Fujino
  • Materials Science
    Proceedings KORUS 2000. The 4th Korea-Russia International Symposium On Science and Technology
  • 2000
Collaborating in a Mixed Environment
  • Open Design Foundation. http://www.opendesign.org/MixedCAD.html
  • 2000
Collaborating in a Mixed Environment". Open Design Foundation
  • Collaborating in a Mixed Environment". Open Design Foundation
  • 2000