title={ON OUTGROUPS},
  author={K. Nixon and James M. Carpenter},
  • K. Nixon, James M. Carpenter
  • Published 1993
  • Cladistics
  • Abstract— The relations among polarity, outgroups and rooting are clarified. The “outgroup algorithm” and “outgroup substitution method” are irrelevant forms of relaxed parsimony. They should be discarded in favor of unconstrained, simultaneous analysis of all terminals. A revised outgroup method is described both in text and with a computer‐generated flowchart. Lundberg rooting is consistent with cladistic parsimony only under specific circumstances involving hypothetical ancestors. 
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    Rooting with Multiple Outgroups: Consensus Versus Parsimony
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    Finding optimal ingroup topologies and convexities when the choice of outgroups is not obvious.
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    Asymmetry and Explanations
    Hypothetical Ancestors and Rooting in Cladistic Analysis
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    Evolution Is Not a Necessary Assumption of Cladistics
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    Evolution Is Not a Necessary Assumption of Cladistics
    Check for Pre-Processing Errors : Alignment , Orthology / Paralogy
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    Total evidence requires exclusion of phylogenetically misleading data
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