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  pages={2 - 17}
There is an uncanny symmetry in the life of the French–Canadian composer Claude Vivier: we do not know the exact time or circumstances of his birth, and we do not know the exact time or circumstances of his death. The first of these two facts haunted Vivier all his life. Born to unknown parents in Montreal in April 1948 and placed in an orphanage, he became obsessed with the identity of his birth mother, whom he never knew. Several of his compositions can be heard as a poignant attempt to… 

Death and Fairy Tale

The music of the spectralist composer Claude Vivier is often considered through the lens of autobiography. However, from his abandonment as an infant to the circumstances of his murder at the age of

Claude Vivier and Karlheinz Stockhausen : moments from a double portrait

That Karlheinz Stockhausen played a crucial role in the musical development of the young Claude Vivier is beyond question. In an autobiographical note written in 1975, Vivier noted: “Born in Montreal

Cardano (Chamber Opera for Three Singers, Actor, and Ensemble) and Combination-Tone Class Sets and Redefining the Role of les Couleurs in Claude Vivier's "Bouchara"

[1.1] Claude Vivier's late style emerged in 1980 when he introduced a technique he called les couleurs in his work for soprano and orchestra, Lonely Child. This technique remained present, in one

¿Una historia de la música espectral española? Transferencias culturales transnacionales en el último cambio de siglo

Abstract:Since the turn of the twentieth century, Spain has experienced a significant flow of intellectual, ideological, and aesthetic values coming from France and in quest of an imaginary musical

Evolution of a musical style : Stylistic transitions in Vivier ’ s first works i

Background. In Music, the Arts, and Ideas, Leonard Meyer states the internal dynamics hypothesis in the transformation of a musical style: a style emerges gradually and, thus, isn’t the product of a

Chordal roots, Klangverwandtschaft, euphony and coherence : an approach to ostensibly 'atonal', 'non-tonal' or 'post-tonal' harmonic technique

My harmonic approach is founded on two premises, pertaining especially to chordal spacing. First, that for each of the 4,096 possible sets of pitch-classes within equal temperament, without

« Évolution d'un style musical - comment Vivier passe-t-il d'une oeuvre à l'autre ? »

Alors que le style musical de Claude Vivier est souvent decrit par le biais des influences que l’on peut y retrouver, on tente de donner un eclairage different du style emergeant du compositeur, en

Portfolio and Exegesis: Composing Through a Spectral Scope

The current research focuses on the spectral nature of sound, its timbre manipulation and contribution to the overall syntax of a composition. It describes the compositional thinking that emerged in

Droplets оf Dew : The Music оf

Vera Stanojević’s timbrally-driven compositions, both acoustic and electro-acoustic, have increasingly garnered international recognition over the past two decades. A brief biographical overview,