OMP gene deletion results in an alteration in odorant quality perception.

  title={OMP gene deletion results in an alteration in odorant quality perception.},
  author={Steven L. Youngentob and Frank L. Margolis and Lisa M Youngentob},
  journal={Behavioral neuroscience},
  volume={115 3},
To test the hypothesis that odorant quality perception is altered in olfactory marker protein (OMP)-null mice, we trained and tested adult OMP-null and control mice, using a 5-odorant identification confusion matrix task (animal odorant confusion matrix [AOCM]). On average, control and null mice performed the task at equivalent levels. The composite 5 x 5 response matrix from 40 testing sessions for each subject (both OMP-null and control) was compared with that of every other subject, yielding… CONTINUE READING

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