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During the first quarter of 2008, Israeli authorities demolished 124 structures due to a lack of permits. In 2007, 208 Palestinian-owned structures have been demolished under the same circumstances. Sixty-one of the demolished structures were residential and led to the displacement of 435 Palestinians, including at least 135 children. Most of these demolitions occurred in the Jordan Valley and South Hebron areas. This trend, however, was discontinued in the following two months (as of 20 May… 

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Opinion Concerning Unauthorized Outposts

    Handling of Complaints by Israeli Police Force

      Also, see B'tselem, 23. Ghost Town and B'Tselem report, Means of expulsion, Violence, Harassment and Lawlessness against Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills

        warned that right-wing extremists view their "price tag" policy, in which they retaliate for every outpost evacuation with attacks on soldiers and/or Palestinians, as having been successful

        • Aluf Benn

        Unemployment data according the 'relaxed' definition of unemployment comparing Q4 2005 with Q3 2006 (source: PCBS)

          IDF West Bank commander: Rightist violence encouraged by settler leader

            The responsibility of the IDF for law enforcement was confirmed by the IDF Spokesperson's Office in its 40. response to the Yesh Din report. Response published in full in report

              All Israeli settlements in the oPt are prohibited under international law, irrespective of whether the Israeli government 9

                The Humanitarian Impact on Palestinians of Israeli Settlements and Other Infrastructure in the West Bank