OECD Regions and Cities at a Glance 2020

  title={OECD Regions and Cities at a Glance 2020},
  journal={OECD Regions and Cities at a Glance},
  • Published 9 October 2018
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Does Local Government Affect Community Satisfaction of the Younger Generation in Rural Areas? The Case of Jeonbuk, South Korea

This study examines the relationship between public service satisfaction, trust in local government, and community satisfaction. Previous studies on community satisfaction have insufficiently dealt


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Health Emergencies, Falls, and Use of Communication Technologies by Older People with Functional and Social Frailty: Ageing in Place in Deprived Areas of Italy

Investigation in Italy of how frail older people manage health emergencies regarding heart and breathing problems and management measures to put in place, especially concerning falls, and the support provided by communication technologies highlighted new useful insights for policy makers.

Explaining Variations in Long-term Care Use and Expenditures Under the Public Long-term Care Insurance Systems: A Case Study Comparison of and Japan

The findings suggest that LTC utilization is determined largely by the demographic and functional characteristics of older people, whereas expenditures are more likely affected by institutional factors such as the insurance governance scheme and the policy choice of the target population segment and coverage.

Negotiating Vertical Urbanization at the Public–Private Nexus: On the Institutional Embeddedness of Planning Committees

While the planning and development of dense and high-rise neighborhoods are commonly perceived as primarily technical procedures, the past several decades have highlighted the growing social

Spatial variations in financial constraints of SMEs—evidence from firm-level estimates of investment-cash flow sensitivities in Sweden

It is well established that there is uneven availability of credit across space, in particular for SMEs. The evidence on whether this translates into differences in actual business investments

Distance Learning during the 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown: The Experience of Italian Middle School Students

Northern Italy was one of the first European regions to be affected by COVID-19 restrictions which led to school closures and the compulsion to learn from home. This article examines middle school

SPM 2163 CCP 2 Cities and Settlements by the Sea

This cross-chapter paper should be cited as: Glavovic, B.C., R. Dawson, W. Chow, M. Garschagen, M. Haasnoot, C. Singh, and A. Thomas, 2022: Cross-Chapter Paper 2: Cities and Settlements by the Sea.