OECD (経済開発協力機構) : Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

  title={OECD (経済開発協力機構) : Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development},
  author={正弘 中舘},
  journal={Journal of Japan Society on Water Environment},
  • 正弘 中舘
  • Published 10 July 1991
  • Economics
  • Journal of Japan Society on Water Environment

The Bioeconomy as Political Project

The bioeconomy is becoming increasingly prominent in policy and scholarly literature, but critical examination of the concept is lacking. We argue that the bioeconomy should be understood as a

Why Daddy Doesn’t Do it : Paternal Leave Effects on the Wage Distribution

Despite the expansion of well-paid paternal leave in Finland, fathers take on average far less leave than mothers and there are significant differences in leave take-up among fathers. All fathers

The potential costs of Longevity Risk on Public Pensions. Evidence from Italian data

In this article, we assess, through an empirical investigation based on Italian data, how uncertainty regarding future mortality may affect public pension expenditure. Based on a representative

An exploration of social policy responses for orphans and vulnerable children in Botswana

This study explores whether social policy responses for orphans and vulnerable children in Botswana address the needs ofthis category of children. The objectives of social policies and legislation

Intrusion of Agent-Based Social Simulation in economic theory: Will heterogeneous agent bring more clarity in the context of IT-outsourcing?

  • Bogdan WerthS. Moss
  • Economics
    2008 IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing
  • 2008
An alternative metric of asset specificity in a qualitative way is introduced and represents actors of the outsourcing process as heterogeneous agents, contrary to a widely held perception of economic standard literature with its assumption of homogeneous actors.

Comitês de bacias hidrográficas como instrumento de gestão de riscos territoriais

A persistência dos riscos de crise hídrica representa um evento extremo no ambiente territorial, onde carece avaliar com um olhar mais atento nas questões de planejamento que permeia a discussão no

Economic insecurity and mental health; depression and suicidal ideation of the middle-aged and older adults in Korea

  • Jaewon Kim
  • Economics
    The Korean Journal of Public Health
  • 2022
Objectives: In this research, the effect of economic insecurity on the mental health of Koreans aged between 45 and 79 was investigated. The multi-layered characteristics of economic insecurity were

Chronic Toxicity of Primary Metabolites of Chloroacetamide and Glyphosate to Early Life Stages of Marbled Crayfish Procambarus virginalis

Simple Summary Due to the rising population, it is necessary to ensure sustainable agricultural management, especially in agricultural production. Therefore, using pesticides is the only way to reach

Green Development for Supporting Sustainability of Northeast China: Performance Quantification, Spatio-temporal Dynamics and Implications

Green development is the cognition of geography to human-nature nexus under the background of the new era. As China is facing various eco-environment problems, green development has become a key



Designs in Nature

The coming technological singularity: How to survive in the post-human era

It is argued in this paper that the authors are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth and the precise cause of this change is the imminent creation by technology of entities with greater than human intelligence.

Follow-up to the 6th Meeting of the REACH Competent Authorities for the Implementation of Regulation (EC)

  • Brussels: European Commission. EC Doc. CA
  • 1907

Oversight of next-Generation nanotechnology

  • Oversight of next-Generation nanotechnology

Insurance Group Excludes Nanotubes

  • Nanotechnology from Coverage. Daily Environment Report
  • 1924

The Politics of Bureaucratic Structure

  • Chubb, J. E., and P. Peterson, eds. Can the Government Govern? Washington, DC: Brookings Institution.
  • 1989

Science Advisory Board. 2007. FDA Science and Mission at Risk. Manuscript in author's possession

  • Science Advisory Board. 2007. FDA Science and Mission at Risk. Manuscript in author's possession