OCCAM- and C-Based Multiprocessor Environments for UNIX Cluster

  title={OCCAM- and C-Based Multiprocessor Environments for UNIX Cluster},
  author={D. G. Patrick and P. R. Green and Trevor A. York},
  journal={Comput. J.},
Two new multiprocessor environments, OCCNIX and CNIX, are described in this paper. These are scalable modular software systems that enable parallel programs to run on clusters of UNIX workstations. The environments unite the paradigms of multiprocessing and multithreading into a single programming model. OCCNIX executes OCCAM programs, using linked binary level interpreters to form a virtual Transputer network. This is based around the TCP/IP client-server model and, like JAVA, provides… 



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  • 1988
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The table shows that the method can be very effective even if the individual functions do not tend to zero at the minimum. The number of function values quoted for 8 = 0 is less than the

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