O2 delivery to contracting muscle during hypoxic or CO hypoxia.

  title={O2 delivery to contracting muscle during hypoxic or CO hypoxia.},
  author={Charles E. King and S. L. Dodd and Stephen M. Cain},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={63 2},
The consequences of a decreased O2 supply to a contracting canine gastrocnemius muscle preparation were investigated during two forms of hypoxia: hypoxic hypoxia (HH) (n = 6) and CO hypoxia (COH) (n = 6). Muscle O2 uptake, blood flow, O2 extraction, and developed tension were measured at rest and at 1 twitch/s isometric contractions in normoxia and in hypoxia. No differences were observed between the two groups at rest. During contractions and hypoxia, however, O2 uptake decreased from the… CONTINUE READING

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