• Philosophy
  • Published 2010

O rozmaitych formach, jakie dają o sobie znać w dzisiejszej filozofii (przeł. M. Pańków)

  title={O rozmaitych formach, jakie dają o sobie zna{\'c} w dzisiejszej filozofii (przeł. M. Pańk{\'o}w)},
  author={Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel},
The present translation is the first chapter of Hegel’s essay from the Jena period The Difference between Fichte’s and Schelling’s System of Philosophy (so-called Differenzschrift). It is a very important step in the philosophical development of the author of the Phenomenology of the Spirit. One can find some echoes of the program of Vereinigungsphilosophie as well as some evidence for the claim that for Hegel, philosophy is mostly an expression of some historical,spiritual totality. The… CONTINUE READING