O gênero Philipotabanus Fairchild (Insecta: Diptera: Tabanidae) na Amazônia, com chave para as fêmeas das espécies e descrição de P. obidensis sp. nov.

  title={O g{\^e}nero Philipotabanus Fairchild (Insecta: Diptera: Tabanidae) na Amaz{\^o}nia, com chave para as f{\^e}meas das esp{\'e}cies e descriç{\~a}o de P. obidensis sp. nov.},
  author={Augusto Loureiro Henriques},
  journal={Acta Amazonica},
A key to eleven species and the three subgenera of Amazonian Philipotabanus Fairchild is presented. Philipotabanus (P.) obidensis sp. nov., from Para State, is described for the first time. Diagnosis, figures and distribution are presented for all species. 

Tabanidae (Diptera) do estado do Maranhão, Brasil: III. Descrição de Philipotabanus (Mimotabanus) henriquesi sp. nov.

This is the first record of species of the subgenus Philipotabanus in Brazil and it is described and illustrated based on 30 females and two males specimens collected in open vegetation of "Cerrado".

First records of two genera and thirteen species of Tabanidae (Diptera) from Honduras

Information on the diversity of the Tabanidae of Honduras is presented as a product of the examination of 386 specimens and a literature review and all new records are mapped and illustrated to aid in the identification of the species.

Diversity and distribution models of horse fl ies (Diptera: Tabanidae) from Ecuador

Abstract Worldwide information about Tabanidae is biased toward taxonomical research, which has been the main source of diversity data for this group of fl ies. In Ecuador, studies on horse fl ies

Wing Shape Variation in the Taxonomic Recognition of Species of Diachlorus Osten-Sacken (Diptera: Tabanidae) from Colombia

It is hypothesized that other species of Diachlorus could also be discriminated using geometric morphometry of the wing shape, and linear discriminants were better than nonlinear (quadratic) discriminant analyses in predicting species membership, but the opposite was true for predicting area membership.

The Tabanidae of the Mitaraka expedition, with an updated check list of French Guiana (Diptera)

During this “The authors' Planet Revisited” survey nine tabanid species were recorded from French Guiana for the first time: Chrysops ecuadorensis Lutz, C. incisus Macquart, Catachlorops amazonicus Henriques & Gorayeb, Chlorotabanus flagellatus Krolow & Henriques, Cryptoylus cauri Stone and one unidentified Chrysops.



Notes on Neotropical Tabanidae: Genus Philipotabanus Fchld., Subgenus Mimotabanus Fchld,

Four new species of Philipotabanus (Mimotabanus) from Colombia and Peru are described, vulpinus n. sp., annectans n. sp., opimus n. sp., and porteri n. sp. The new species are figured and a key is

A Coleção de Tabanidae (Insecta: Diptera) do Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (INPA), Manaus, Amazonas, Brasil

The Tabanidae, of the Instifllto Nacional de PC, Manaus Amazonas, Brazil, includes 297 species, 35 gl'lIem , 7 tnhes and 3 subfamilies.

Notes on Neotropical Tabanidae (Diptera) II. Descriptions New Species of and New Records for Panama

Eleven new species, in six genera, are described and notes are given on 14 previously described species, one of which is newly reduced to synonymy.

Notes on Tabanidae (Dipt.) from Panama X. the Genus Tabanus Linn., and Resume of the Tabanidae of Panama

There seems no good reason for including the many references to the name to be found in the literature, nor do I feel it wise to list the numerous names which have been placed in the synonymy of

Notes on Neotropical Tabanidae (Diptera) IV. Further New Species and New Records for Panama

Four additional species are added to the Panama fauna and notes on a further 10 species are given, with new synonymy.

Die Tabanidenuntergattung Phaeotabanus Lutz

  • Zool . Anz
  • 1930