O-carboxyl- and N-methyltransferases active on plant aquaporins.

  title={O-carboxyl- and N-methyltransferases active on plant aquaporins.},
  author={Tobias Sahr and Thibaud Adam and C{\'e}cile Fizames and Christophe Maurel and V{\'e}ronique Santoni},
  journal={Plant & cell physiology},
  volume={51 12},
Methylation of biologically active molecules is achieved by methyltransferases (MTases). MTases can act on proteins through N- or O-carboxylmethylation reactions. Methylation of lysine and glutamic acid residues was recently described on the N-terminal tail of AtPIP2;1, a plasma membrane aquaporin of plants. In this study, we combine a bioinformatic and a biochemical screen and identify two MTases of Arabidopsis thaliana, SDG7 (At2g44150) and OMTF3 (At3g61990), as acting on the N-terminal tail… CONTINUE READING

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