O Sister! Sarah Palin and the parlous politics of poor white trash

  title={O Sister! Sarah Palin and the parlous politics of poor white trash},
  author={Eliza Jane Darling},
  journal={Dialectical Anthropology},
  • E. Darling
  • Published 24 March 2009
  • History
  • Dialectical Anthropology
A few days after the second election of George W. Bush to the US executive office, a bit of discursive flotsam entitled "Fuck the South" wound its inevitable way through the drifting currents of cyberspace and landed in my inbox. Penned by an anonymous, self-described northeasterner on an aptly named blog called "Annotated Rant," it comprised a bitter diatribe defending liberal Yankee politics against the hypocrisy of southern conservatives (Anonymous 2004). Arguing that the northeast is in… 
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If it had been built, the Fairfield Renewable Energy Project would have been the largest trash incinerator in the United States, burning 4,000 tons of waste each day in late-industrial Baltimore.


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