O-Mannosylation of Pichia pastoris cellular and recombinant proteins.

  title={O-Mannosylation of Pichia pastoris cellular and recombinant proteins.},
  author={John G. Duman and Robert G. Miele and Huanhuan Liang and Davida K Grella and Kim Lan Sim and Francis J. Castellino and Roger K Bretthauer},
  journal={Biotechnology and applied biochemistry},
  volume={28 1},
O-linked saccharides were released from a major cell wall glycoprotein and from cellular mannan-protein complexes obtained from Pichia pastoris cells. Analysis by a variety of chromatographic methods and exoglycosidase digestions revealed the presence of mannose and (alpha1-2)-linked dimer, trimer and tetramer saccharides of mannose. The recombinant kringle 1-4 domain of human plasminogen expressed in P. pastoris was subjected to hydrazinolysis of both O- and N-linked saccharides. Only a very… CONTINUE READING

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