O “Irmão dos Pobres” esteve lá: O que o “Pequeno Concílio” de Medellín e Helder Câmara significaram, um para o outro?

  title={O “Irm{\~a}o dos Pobres” esteve l{\'a}: O que o “Pequeno Conc{\'i}lio” de Medell{\'i}n e Helder C{\^a}mara significaram, um para o outro?},
  author={Luiz Carlos Luz Marques and Lucy Pina Neta},
This paper aims to select and analyze, through the immense documental production left by the late Archbishop of Olinda e Recife, Helder Pessoa Câmara (1909-1999), signs of the importance, to him, of the organization of so-called “Medellin Conference” and its correct reception. By using Ginzburg’s “method” or “evidential paradigm”, we selected texts apprehending the period of 1962 to 1970, all of them being linked through “conductive wires” typical of Dom Helder’s line of thinking, through which… CONTINUE READING