Oštećenje na čeličnoj tračničkoj osovini u eksploataciji

  title={O{\vs}te{\'c}enje na {\vc}eli{\vc}noj tra{\vc}ni{\vc}koj osovini u eksploataciji},
  author={Oleh Yasniy and Toma{\vz} Vuherer and Yuriy Pyndus and Andriy Sorochak and Ivan Samard{\vz}i{\'c}},
Material of electric locomotive railway axle – the OSL steel – after 20 years of service was investigated. Since in the process of exploitation of railway axle fatigue cracks are initiated on its surface and grow in radial direction, specimens were cut in axial direction. Specimens for determination of impact toughness were cut out from an axle's section with diameter 198 mm at different distances from its center. The scheme of specimens cutting is shown in Fig. 1. The impact toughness was… CONTINUE READING