O:H-O Bond Anomalous Relaxation Resolving Mpemba Paradox

  title={O:H-O Bond Anomalous Relaxation Resolving Mpemba Paradox},
  author={X. Zhang and Y. Huang and Zengsheng Ma and C. Sun},
  • X. Zhang, Y. Huang, +1 author C. Sun
  • Published 2013
  • Physics
  • We demonstrate that the Mpemba paradox arises intrinsically from the release rate of energy initially stored in the covalent H-O part of the O:H-O bond in water albeit experimental conditions. Generally, heating raises the energy of a substance by lengthening and softening all bonds involved. However, the O:H nonbond in water follows actively the general rule of thermal expansion and drives the H-O covalent bond to relax oppositely in length and energy because of the inter-electron-electron… CONTINUE READING
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