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Nyhetsvärdering i lokaljournalistik : En kvalitativ undersökning om vad som händer vid Nerikes Allehandas nyhetsdesk

  title={Nyhetsv{\"a}rdering i lokaljournalistik : En kvalitativ unders{\"o}kning om vad som h{\"a}nder vid Nerikes Allehandas nyhetsdesk},
  author={Matilda Andersson},
This qualitative study examines news values in local journalism. The study is based on the results of five personal interviews with journalists and editors at the newspaper Nerikes Allehanda. The purpose of this paper is to examine how news values is made in the editorial process. The essay also intends to compare possible differences and similarities between news for web and printed news, the focus will consistently be locally.This will be explored through qualitative interviews with local… Expand