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Nutritional values and antioxidant potential of some edible mushrooms of Kashmir valley.

  title={Nutritional values and antioxidant potential of some edible mushrooms of Kashmir valley.},
  author={Rouf Hamza Boda and A. H. Wani and Mohammad Afzal Zargar and Bashir Ahmad Ganie and Bilal A. Wani and Showkat Ahmad Ganie},
  journal={Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences},
  volume={25 3},
Mushrooms are considered rich in proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients. The present study was carried out to evaluate some edible mushrooms of Kashmir valley for their protein, carbohydrate and lipid contents. The highest protein content was found in Boletus edulis (2.20g) followed by Agaricus bisporus (1.80g), Pleurotus ostreatus (1.68g), Morchella esculenta (1.62g) and Pleurotus sajor caju (1.6g). Carbohydrate content also showed variation in all the five tested edible mushroom species… 

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