Nutritional physiology of neonatal calves.

  title={Nutritional physiology of neonatal calves.},
  author={J{\"u}rg W. Blum},
  journal={Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition},
  volume={90 1-2},
  • Jürg W. Blum
  • Published 2006 in Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition
The gastrointestinal tract of neonatal calves is relatively mature but still requires morphological and functional changes. The intake of colostrum with its nutrient and non-nutrient components exerts marked effects on gastrointestinal development and function. Colostrum intake provides immunoprotection (passive immunity by immunoglobulins) and is essential for survival of neonates of most species. Furthermore, there are important transient as well as long-lasting systemic effects on the… CONTINUE READING

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