[Nutritional information for children to modify the food habits of the whole family].


The prevention of weight gain and cardiovascular diseases is probably easier, less expensive and more effective than treating these diseases after they have fully developed. The hypothesis of a prospective intervention study in northern France, the "Fleurbaix Laventie Ville Santé Study" is that nutritional education of children aged 6-12 years at school may not only improve their nutritional knowledge but also influence the dietary habits of the family. We have conducted an information program in school for these children and made an evaluation of the educational program used in this study and the modification of the dietary habits. The first results indicate a better nutritional knowledge in children of Fleurbaix and Laventie versus control children. The families have better dietary habits consuming less fat, more carbohydrates. In women the BMI is less important in Fleurbaix and Laventie compared with the control subjects. This study is on going with a 10 year-follow up taking into account the spontaneous evolution in a control town.

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