Nutritional enrichment of fresh apple (Royal Gala) by vacuum impregnation.

  title={Nutritional enrichment of fresh apple (Royal Gala) by vacuum impregnation.},
  author={Jianhua Xie and Yuxia Zhao},
  journal={International journal of food sciences and nutrition},
  volume={54 5},
This study evaluates the use of vacuum impregnation (VI) for developing nutritionally fortified fresh cut apples (Royal Gala). Cut apples were immersed in diluted high fructose corn syrup (20% w/w or 50% w/w) containing calcium or zinc. A vacuum pressure of 50 mmHg was applied for 15 min following atmospheric pressure restoration for 30 min while samples remained in the VI solution. Nutraceutical content and physicochemical properties of the apples immediately after VI were determined… CONTINUE READING