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Nutritional composition of Polyrhachis vicina Roger (Edible Chinese black ant)

  title={Nutritional composition of Polyrhachis vicina Roger (Edible Chinese black ant)},
  author={Li-rong Shen and Duo Li and Feng-qin Feng and Yucui Ren},
Edible black ant (Polyrhachis vicina Roger) is a traditional edible insect species in China. It has been used as a functional ingredient in various tonics or health foods. This study determined the nutritional composition of the black ant, which included minerals, amino acids, superoxide dismutase (SOD), Vitamin E, and total acid. Supercritical CO 2 fluid extraction was used to extract the organic compounds. The compounds were identified and quantified by GC-MS. Results showed that the ant… 

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