Nutritional and fluid intake in a 100-km ultramarathon.

  title={Nutritional and fluid intake in a 100-km ultramarathon.},
  author={Kieran Edward Fallon and Elizabeth M. Broad and Martin William Thompson and P A Reull},
  journal={International journal of sport nutrition},
  volume={8 1},
The fluid and food intakes of 7 male participants in a 100-km ultramarathon were recorded. The mean exercise time was 10 hr 29 min. Nutrient analysis revealed a mean intrarace energy intake of 4,233 kJ, with 88.6% derived from carbohydrate, 6.7% from fat, and 4.7% from protein. Fluid intake varied widely, 3.3-11.1 L, with a mean of 5.7 L. The mean decrease in plasma volume at 100 km was 7.3%, accompanied by an estimated mean sweat rate of 0.86 Blood glucose concentrations remained… CONTINUE READING
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