Nutritional Properties of Quality Protein Maize and Chickpea Extruded Based Weaning Food

  title={Nutritional Properties of Quality Protein Maize and Chickpea Extruded Based Weaning Food},
  author={Jorge Mil{\'a}n-Carrillo and C. VALD{\'E}Z-ALARC{\'O}N and Roberto Guti{\'e}rrez-Dorado and Oralia Guadalupe C{\'a}rdenas-Valenzuela and Rosalva Mora-Escobedo and Jos{\'e} A Garz{\'o}n-Tiznado and Cuauht{\'e}moc Reyes-Moreno},
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Abstract.Malnutrition is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality among young children in most of the developing countries. To minimize the adversities of malnutrition, low-cost infant supplementary foods have been developed and are being supplied to the needy through state-sponsored nutrition intervention programmers. The present study had two objectives: to determine the best combination of nixtamalized extruded quality protein maize (NEMF) and extruded chickpea (ECF) flours for… 
Effectiveness of supplementary blended flour based on chickpea and cereals for the treatment of infants with moderate acute malnutrition in Iran: A randomized clinical trial
This study showed that Shadameen in combination with multivitamin/mineral and counselling therapy can be more effective in decreasing the wasting rate of children with MAM than vitamin/Mineral and counseling therapy alone.
Protein Quality, Haematological and Histopathological Studies of Rats Fed with Maize-based Complementary Diet Enriched with Fermented and Germinated Moringa Oleifera Seed Flour
This study is about the production of Maize-based complementary diet enriched with fermented and germinated moringa oleifera seed holds great promise in alleviating malnutrition so prominent among
The potential use of chickpeas in development of infant follow-on formula
The designed chickpea based infant follow- on formula meets the WHO/FAO requirements on complementary foods and also the EU regulations on follow-on formula with minimal addition of oils, minerals and vitamins.
Development, Acceptability, and Nutritional Characteristics of a Low-Cost, Shelf-Stable Supplementary Food Product for Vulnerable Groups in Kenya
Locally available indigenous foods can be used in the formulation of acceptable, low-cost, shelf-stable, nutritious supplementary foods for vulnerable groups in Kenya.
Development and Evaluation of a Nutritionally Enhanced Multigrain Tortilla Snack
A nutritionally enhanced multigrain tortilla snack was developed which provides significantly more dietary fiber and protein and less fat than traditional commercial corn tortilla chips, but with comparable appearance and high acceptability.
High Antioxidant Activity Mixture of Extruded Whole Quality Protein Maize and Common Bean Flours for Production of a Nutraceutical Beverage Elaborated with a Traditional Mexican Formulation
This nutraceutical beverage could be used as an alternative to beverages with low nutritional/nutraceutical value, such as those prepared with water, simple sugars, artificial flavoring and colorants, which are widely offered in the market.
Nutritional Benefits of Selected Plant-Based Proteins as Meat Alternatives
The chapter describes the nutritional benefits and current uses of nine non-animal protein sources and the health benefits arising from replacing animal protein.
Functional extruded products from rice flour, pulse flour and tomato powder blends
Extrusion is a high shear, high temperature processing technique that involves a short time treatment to transform raw materials to intermediate or finished products to enhance sensory and other


Nutritional evaluation of table bread fortified with defatted soybean and sesame meals.
In vitro procedures utilized to predict protein digestibilities and PER's provided a close estimation of in vivo results obtained from growing rats, and improved essential amino acid scores (EAA) and overall nutritional value of the breads.
Solid state fermentation process for producing chickpea (Cicer arietinum L) tempeh flour. Physicochemical and nutritional characteristics of the product
To determine the best combination of SSF process variables for producing chickpea tempeh flour and to characterise the physicochemical and nutritional properties of the product, prediction models for response variables were developed as a function of process variables.
Nutritional evaluation of desi and kabuli chickpeas and their products commonly consumed in Pakistan.
Physicochemical and nutritional quality of five improved cultivars of desi and kabuli chickpeas and their products were studied and there was no difference in the essential amino acid contents and in chemical scores.
Optimisation of extrusion process to transform hardened chickpeas (Cicer arietinum L) into a useful product
The objective of this work was to determine the optimum conditions for the production of extruded flour from hardened chickpeas (Cicer arietinum L). Hardened chickpeas were produced using accelerated
Biochemistry and technology of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) seeds.
The world production and distribution, genetic background, biochemical and nutritional quality, and developments in storage and processing technology of chickpea are discussed and future research needs, to improve the utilization of chickPEa as human food are addressed.
Quality protein maize
The salient sequence of events associated with the development of Quality Protein Maize, the present understanding of genetic, biochemical and molecular bases of QPM, and the recent technological developments that could potentially enhance the efficiency of Q PM breeding and the reach ofQPM cultivars are dealt with.
In vitro assay for predicting protein efficiency ratio as measured by rat bioassay: collaborative study.
Seven laboratories collaborated in testing the calculated protein efficiency ratio (C-PER and DC-PER) and the ability of the C-PER to rapidly predict rat PER was also measured.
Antioxidant capacity of the Spanish Mediterranean diet
Due to the accelerated rhythm of life, it has become necessary the consumption of nixtamalized corn flours (NCF), since they are more accesible to the consumer. However, the characteristics of the