Nutritional Medicine


osteoarthritis This book is the definitive “go-to” textbook for any practitioner who is interested in nutritional therapy. At almost 1400 pages and with more than 15 000 references, the book provides a practical and comprehensive overview of how to use diet and nutritional supplements for the prevention and treatment of more than 400 health conditions. Dr Gaby’s goal was to offer healthcare practitioners a comprehensive, reliable, and easyto-use reference book— based on published research and his extensive clinical experience—on how nutritional medicine can help our patients recover from both physical and mental illness and have a healthier life. Mission accomplished! Nutritional Medicine reviews and analyzes nearly all of the clinically relevant research on the relationship between food, supplements, health, and disease. For instance, in Part 1, Dr Gaby presents useful information on four conditions he considers underdiagnosed and undertreated: reactive hypoglycemia, food allergy, hypothyroidism, and Candidarelated complex. Part 1 also provides important information on sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, food additives, and the cooking and storage of food. This will be valuable information for many practitioners who are new to the field of nutritional therapy. The highlight of the book for most readers will be the concise,

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