Nutritional Composition of Quail Meatballs and Quail Pickled Eggs

  title={Nutritional Composition of Quail Meatballs and Quail Pickled Eggs},
  author={Bayomy Hm and Rozan Ma and Mohammed Gm},
  journal={Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences},
The aims of this study were to evaluate the acceptance of meatballs and pickled quail eggs, determine the nutritional composition of the quail pickled eggs and quail meatballs. Data indicate that quail meatballs and pickled quail eggs are an acceptable market product. The quail meatballs have 70.56% moisture content and 29.44% dry matter which include 7.78%, 12.98%, 7.10% and 2.48% in wet basis for total lipids, proteins, ash and carbohydrate, respectively. Total cholesterol content in quail… 

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